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C-FREC's  Brand New Real Estate  Pre-Licensing Sales Associate 

Course is a 5-Day or 2,3,4 week schedule with LIVE Instructor-led classes. 

CFREC  is Licensed by the State of Florida  to offer a Real Estate Pre-License “DISTANT-LEARNING”  course  that allows YOU MUCH more study time and MUCH LESS class room hours.

 Technically,   class room hours are NOT required at all for “Distant Learning” courses. However, students register for a “Start Date” to attend the

 On the “Start Date” you receive the same textbook used for the 63 hour course  plus information on applying  for the state exam and study guides.

 Example:  5 Sat or 5 Days:  ,9am-2:00m…………6 Eve 5:30 t0 8:30pm      

Example:    M-F  for one week,   or  M-T-W  week one , and   
T- F week two.

Classroom hours are    NOT REQUIRED,  but scheduled.

        $299 includes your textbook.



5 – Day Class   Mon - Fri.  We cover the book in one week.  
You may mix the days to be completed from 1 to 4 weeks.
9:00am - 2:00pm
Exam on  Friday.

Apr. 13 - 17

 Apr. 27 - May 1

  May 18 - 22

  Jun. 7 - 12      



            6 - Evenings 
M-T-W  week 1,
M-T-W  week 2 

                                         5:30 pm - 8:30 pm             
Exam last class date.

Apr. 6, 7,8  skip week 2, Apr.20, 21, 22


May 4,5, 6  and May 11,12,13           


  Jun. 14, 15, 15 and Jun. 22, 23, 24




  5 Saturdays
9:00 am - 2:00 p.m.  -Saturdays                        

   April  11, 18,   (skip a week)  May 2, 9, 16
 Exams are on the last class date.

    Check back for June Schedule.           

5-Day Accelerated Course 2, 3, or 4 Week Day Course Evening Course Saturday & Evening Course
Student Name and Start Date
Student Name and Start Date
Student name and Start Date:
Student Name and Start Date


Register for the schedule you desire. We recommend you attend all class as we offer other valuable test-taking tips and advice, power chapters and math formulas to enhance your confidence and prepare you for the state licensing exam. You progress though this course by completing quizzes and practice exams.

Day one, you recie
ive your course instruction overview, text book, information on how to apply for your FL state exam, assignments, and the final class exam review.

You may attend the class-room course only once.

You MUST attend the end-of-course exam within 4 weeks of your start date. A Test fee of $58 will be charged to re-schedule your test after the 4th week.
You are allowed 6 months to complete this course.

Dearborn’s Florida Practices, Principles and Law current edition.
 The class-room course covers  all chapters.





All Real Estate Courses are  approved by the Florida Division of Real Estate and are available 24/7 Online from any compatible computer at your computer location.    You have 180 days to complete or access the course and you may request an extention.  The system automatically bookmarks whre you stopped if you don't finish a chapter. There is an online demo link.  You can pay for the course online by credit card and START IMMEDIATELY!
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Millenia Lakes 1 Building | 4700 Millenia Blvd., Suite #175 | Orlando, FL 32839 | 407.354.0402 | cflreschool@aol.com
Located in the 2nd office building behind Macy's, on Millenia Lake One. 


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